Saturday, 2 July 2011

my dog

I just got a dog named Buddy! He is a Husky pup, isn't he cute!  He brings so much joy into my life and helps me not to be so bored anymore.  Buddy keeps me so busy and is a great way for me to stop thinking about food all the time and do something  fun.  I used to feel so lonely and bored and I think I a te just because I was bored, not because I was hungry.  But now, Im too busy to eat!  I get lots more exercise with Buddy. 
My Dad said I could get a dog if I would take care of it and be responsable for his care.  We picked up Buddy at the dog pound so he didn't cost us lots of money.  We had to paid for his shots that's all. The minute I saw him, I knew he was the one.  Once I held him, I knew he would be mine and I instantly named him "Buddy."  He already felt like a good friend!  Now, I had my very own dog and my very own responsability.
When Buddy was a pup, I had to teach him to go to the bathroom on papers and outside.  He would wake me up really early by barking at the foot of my bed so I had to get up and let him outside.  Then he climbed back to bed 


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